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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Entry 7: "Winter coats"


 "Winter coats - finished
4 pieces being worked on simultaneously for an order that's headed to Israel in the roomy new studio. The canvas for "Winter coats" is way down on the left end of the room in this photo..

"Winter coats", like all my paintings, is based on a vintage black and white photo - a Xerox copy of the photo is sitting at the base of the canvas.
As usual, the painting is swiped in swaths of black gesso, blocked out using aerosols and then color textures are put down using aerosol and stencils. 

Fine tuning and adding solid shapes with Gamblin Paint Co. oils and LOADS of Neo fav!

Ooops - his eyes are crossed.....but his teddy bear has the feeling of corduroy texture. She looks like she wants to say "let's go read a book to my stuffed doogie".


Almost done. Bc I tried to apply my matra "economy of paint", the white canvas  as well as the black gesso comes thru the sprayed stencil and glazes of her coat. To me, working on, with, over and around the black and white swipes is a a puzzle. Incorporating the black swipes isn't always obvious - but, usally, the black swipes just happen to fall in line with the over all design of the image. Painting (to me) isn't just about adding to that make an image or convey and idea, it's also about (seeming) simplicity and what's been left blank-ish. Hopefully, the blank spots throw the viewer and challenge them to think of painting in a different way.

And now it hangs in Tel Aviv with 3 other of my paintings.
Not bad for a little Cape Cod native.

"Winter coats" - oil on acrylic with aerosol and oil crayon on 48" x 48" canvas

Eden Fine Art, 560 Madison Ave. New York
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