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Friday, January 18, 2013

Entry 16: Construction of "Gwendolyn, Michael and the tryke"

Did not take photos from beginning to end but did manage to take pics that showcase the changes this painting went thru especially and, most importantly, Gwen's face. Her face is a significant contributor to the whole painting - she's the corner stone really.
 Aerosol on acrylic on 48" x 48" canvas
Oil added to start fleshing the characters and the bike out.
Just when Michael started to become something I could be happy with.
The three faces of Gwen:

#2 - cute as button, pretty and acceptable but not the face that's going to lend itself well to the over wall painting.

#2 again - nice enough but does not convey what I want.
Wiped down, tried again using teals but teal doesn't work on young girls and babies. Works with other faces and in other settings -  but teal makes Gwendolyn look dead.
This is the face - eyes pulled in a bit (less doe-y), jaw less angular,  more pink skin tone, lips a little fuller and.....I removed the hat. That hat was not all.
Michael feels just the way I want him to feel.
The full painting before I made a few more touches to Gwendolyn's face. I'm excited about the slices of color, the leaves and blockes in the background, the grass, the tryke but her coat is solid now which also contributed to the betterment of the entire painting.
The jacket feels right now that I've taken out all the tiny, stencil design I added in the begining. For days I'd been torturing myself trying to hang onto the tiny designs. It's never a good idea to stay married to one idea.

Now you can feel the weight of the coat and the button looks less circus like.

Almost destroyed "Gwendolyn, Michael and tryke" a few days ago but didn't have the energy - now I'm glad I didn't! There's still some things to be done to get this finished but over all - really pleased with the direction the work took.
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