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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Entry 21: Texture - with Youtube video link

New video available on Youtube -

A Facebook friend/fan messaged me and asked me to make a video about texture in painting.
 It dawned on me just as I went to make the video , I didn't ask what kind of texture she was interested here we are, trying to come up with an answer, best we can:


Featuring the painting "My dearest, darling I am anxious to see you again"
(Warning: some foul language... my apologies)

"My dearest" from beginning to end:

Too frightening to be seen right side up....but this became that -
Photo of "My dearest darling"  taken in my apartment/studio before being shipped off to Eden Fine Art, NY. It is exactly I wanted it to be - gritty and slightly abstract with a 1940s Superman in Times Square night club feel. This is what I think of when I think of couples out at night in post war NY.

"My dearest darling" being hung at Eden Fine Art, NYC

Hanging on the 2nd floor, with the 1st batch of paintings, at Eden Fine Art

Above and below are two paintings in the first stage(s) of being developed as decribed in the video
Artist tip: Put on your best Julia Child "what the hell" attitude, relax and go TRY!

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