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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Entry 46: Yayoi Kusama portrait - DONE

Painting this portrait became an overwhelming obsession that had to be done. Like a derailing train, the moment I saw her face and a photo of her seated I had to paint her - it couldn't be stopped. My head wouldn't let the idea go.

And now the portrait is done....or done-ish. May make a few adjustments in a couple days but for the most part - she is done and my head can rest for a while.

The great Yayoi Kusama

Oil on acylic and aerosol on 48" x 60" canvas. 
Photo taken in studio.

I'm really happy with her. What a total joy this has been to do.
Video slideshow of the construction and development of Yayoi Kusama portrait:
Painting loosely based on this wonderful photo of Kusama and her work but rooted in my understanding of her character, unrelenting work ethic and energy:

Documentary trailer for
"Kusama: Princess of polka dots":
by filmmaker Heather Lenz 
Read more about Heather and Kusama in the Atlatic:

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