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Monday, February 18, 2013

Entry 45: Studio 120: DIY

I hate self promotion. I hate it. I hate how self egregious it is, self congratulatory it can seem and how horribly self centered it can feel. But if you're not affiliated with people who are going to the job for you and you want to be seen you have got to DIY.

It used to be DIY promotion meant sending your work to newspapers and crossing your fingers they would find you super super interesting, sending out postcards announcing your work or shows, and writing articles for magazines to maybe, hopefully, possibly be printed.

Today, holy EVERYTHING is at our finger tips. There are so many ways to get seen but the easiest and most fruitful way to get your name out there is thru social media outlets: Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter....all you need is a keyboard, some pictures of your work and big brass balls the size of Montana to get yourself seen. Big brass ones, that's what you need unless you're so gorgeous people are falling over themselves to help you out or you've reached such a height that people are willing to tow the line for you, you have got to learn to square your shoulders, pull your chin up and scream "I AM HERE" like a 5 year old after cake and ice cream at a birthday party. For me - self promotion is an embarrassing, humiliating, horrifying job that has to be done.

That said, I'm posting links to 4 of my "atta boy, you can do it" videos from my Youtube channel "Studio 120" And no, self promotion is not easy for me but I look at it like homework and homework as an investment - after all, if I don't invest myself in my own project(s) then I have no right to ask or expect anyone to invest in me or my work. None.

Chin up - if you want to reach your goals never know who's watching.....

  • Studio 120: CONTENT: working a DIY promotion, taking advantage of social networking, interlinking all your sites, using determination and stats to create an audience from her big, fancy command center.

Pictures of one of my presentation brocheres talked about in the two videos listed below.
That little brochere has opened so many doors for me....

From Studio 120 - How to get from here to over there Parts 1 and 2. CONTENT: building presentation, goal settings, talking to galleries, rejection, working to reach your goals and following your hear

P.S.: Promotion can prevent your next opening from looking like this.
Yuck. Put on your big brass ones and work it.

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