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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Entry 49: I'm full of unwarranted advice

From the time I was 4 years old I wanted to be an artist. My mom always wanted me to be a teacher but I'm not a person who's good one on one. I'm not good with people face to face - I get surly with people  who are disrespectful, don't listen and or people who don't want to work  as a team.....and I think that's what teaching is - taking people who are so uncomfortable not knowing things that they can't or don't listen and getting them to learn. I cannot imagine a worse job.

Me, I'm an artist...a hermit like painter who is more comfortable talking to people thru blog posts and videos (and walls) than in person. But, in an ironic twist, I like being helpful so I started putting together videos that cover topics I know best and thought (or hoped) would be a boost to others. The main theme in the series is always about being an artist. Individual videos cover a range of topics that include: painting techniques, mediums, working thru fear, obstacles, advice on setting and attaining goals as well as correcting some of the really wrong headed ideas I was fed along the way. Each video is peppered with personal stories and some insane babbling. The end result, HOPEFULLY, gives less confident artists a few techniques to try and the courage to simply go ahead and DO.

 Below are links to my most popular vid and two more recent  additions to Youtube -

And then there's art critic and writer Robert Hughes, someone, who's opinions and points of view, I always learn(ed) from -

Freshly started piece of girl seated on a stoop.

Best advice piece of unwarranted adive I can give:
Don't think DO!

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