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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Entry 35: A couple of post flu videos

These two videos may be proof....I am just that side of nuts.

Both videos conatin content on creating work, organization, working in a meditative mode to create flow, and preparation. One is failry coherent, the other is presented in a slightly confused, distracted and babbly manner. Let's blame it on the flu.

Tauton artist Andy (Andrew Tedesco) visitied the other day and was kind enough to stretch.
Yay, friends!

From my video series Studio 120 on Youtube:
Video #21: Yay! New canvas.

Content: Prepping to paint on newly stretched canvas, being jammed up, painting with energy, how I set up paintings, blah, blah, blah. Mentioned in video: artist Andrew Tedesco (Bad Andy Art); Soho Art Materials, NYC; my neighbor/carpenter Angelo.

Stack of stretchers (5' to approx 9')  ready to go.
Studio 120: A babbly, post flu chat on preperation, organization and getting work to flow presented in a slightly confused, distracted and babbly manner. Okay, I think this one proves my synapse and electrons don't always connect.

Oh well, there we are: (Let's blame it on the flu)


Mentioned in both videos:

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