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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Entry 51: New painting underway!

Decided to start working on a new unstretched canvas - in total it's 7ft x 9ft, once it;s stretched the painting surface will be 6ft x 8 ft. Been dying to work on something larger but the costs would be astronomical at this point so here we are:

The start - black gesso and aerosol.
To see how I start, how I work, what keeps me movtivated and what makes me freeze up watch "Yay, Newly stretched canvas" a vid on Youtube about prepping newly stretched canvas to paint and what causes me to become jammed up. :

Used aerosol to layout the basic design, find the figures and place doilie/stencils that will be used in the clothing.

Digging in with oils.

The reference photo is over to my left taped to the canvas.

The view from a very messy desk.
Oh so happy...

All work available exlcusively thru
Eden Fine Art, NYC
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Video on Youtube that involves this particular painting -
Studio 120: Painting from experience

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