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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Entry 36: Pre Nemo, post working - painting a portrait of Yayoi Kasuma

So we had a massive storm named Nemo (or Omen) blow thru New England this weekend that knocked out power but before the snow brought modern life came to a grinding hault, here's what we got done in studio before said snow came to town:

Friend and fellow artist Andy Tedesco came in an generously stretched a couple canvas'.

Visit Andy on his Facebook page:
Bad Andy Art

48" x 60" canvas prepped and ready to start portrait of artist Yayoi Kasuma.

Although I don't do portraits very often,
I am just crazy about Yayoi Kusama. Her look and the more I learn about her creates a feeling of kinship and understanding.
However, she holds a level of bravery beyond anything I could ever posses.

Basic colors and over all design finished, next comes layering of more color but the oils will have to sit for a few days before I can go any further

Cannot wait to get back in and work at adding layers of blues and oranges, reds and greens to this - looking forward to making her colors pop!

Hangin' with the great Yayoi Kasuma in my studio.
Learn more about Kusama thru her 2012 documentary on Youtube:
To see more on painting Kasuma please visit Studio 120 - a video series on painting, the philosophies behind developing artwork and painting, and creating in spite of fear on Youtube.

Videos devoted to painting Kusama include:

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