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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Entry #97: Short pictoral review of July 2013

Well now, let's's been a little over two months since my last blog post......

Summer 2013 came and went. No shows, no excitement, no wild news or events, and had to sell my much beloved truck. BUT I did have friends who, very generously, taxi'd me to and from my studio for a large portion of the summer which allowed me to make the most out of the time I had there. This summer wasn't about having fun but more about gaining back my strength so I could come back at my goals swinging.

And, here we are - summer is over, I'm still a wee bit bedraggled but I've managed to hang in there long enough to fill out my first fellowship application and now (hopefully) I'm on my way to runaway train status again - I'm looking to enter shows, push myself online again, I'm working on building a large scale portrait show for spring 2014 but I'm also working on making  steps towards my biggest goal for next year: at least one more solo show in NYC and finding good, solid, ambitious and proper representation once and for all. I am on a mission to make my work into......a saleable brand..... which sounds a bit cheesy but that's what successful art and artists have been for centuries it's just that we have a hip and accurate name for it now: brand.

Anyway, since my last post in June, here are some pics from the Sat.- Sun. over night stays made during July
Hot and hopeful - July 6th weekend

"Marge and Pepe" and "Vudu Sister" side by side
July 6th.
Portrait of Providence based band"Vudu Sister"
taking a breakand laying on the floor for a bit.
Up and fini July 7th

Detail pic of "Vudu Sister".

"Marge and Pepe" and "Melanie"
sitting side by side July14th.

...and in constant motion. Up, down, round, round -
the work is always finding new places to be seen in the studio.

 Bugsy enjoying his new perch -
"I can see the whole world from up here....
even da mommy."
"Marge and Pepe" fini July 14.
(Pic looks a bit wonky -
photo taken with the painting hanging upside down)

Hiding his head from the oppressive humidity.
This is what a pup looks like when they're melting in 
100 plus degree heat.

Getting ready to prep two new canvas'
for a duel portrait project. Pic taken July 20th.
All prepped: masonite for a painting called "Black raven"
and the two new canvas' for a duel portrait project
ready to go July 20th.

Laying out "Black raven"
pic taken Sat. July 20th.
..and a little while later.

As of Sun. July 21st.

Duel portrait project underway -
Providence based drag artists:
"Complete Destruction" (on left) and "Videl Levidel"

Project portrait taken before we head out the door
 for another week -
taken July 21st.

Pretending he's laying down
in a nice cool pond
at low tide.

New portrait being laid out
July 27
Brutally hot weekend -
not much accomplished but group shot of work
taken July 28th.

Think I finally found the key to finish up "Un simple soldat II" -
a piece started this winter.

Well put Bugsy.
With temps reaching over 110F in the studio, 
July was just too hot to do anything but lay around

My best pals.

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