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Friday, February 1, 2013

Entry 33: Portfolio brochure - an artist's BFF

Video #10 from video series Studio 120 - 
How and why to build a portfolio brochure before talking to galleries (or anyone really):
 Studio 120 - #10:  Painter Beck Lane talks about building a portfolio brochure, rejection, goal settings, talking to galleries, working to reach your goals and following your heart. To see more videos from Studio 120 visit:

My portfolio brochure - this little do dad was a great investment that opened lots of doors for me and my work.

Brochure made possible with the help of:
  • Fall River photographer Chuck Pappas
  • Newport graphic designer Lori Bates at Bates Graphics
  • and New Bedford author/poet Patricia Gomes who was kind enough to write the artist's bio statement....thus making me look brilliant.

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