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Friday, March 1, 2013

Entry 52: Couple more "You can do it" videos from Studio 120

So, I've been putting together a series of in studio videos on Youtube called Studio 120. Some of the vids are how to, some are full of babbly stories but all are full of "you can do this" 'tude the most popular being: The vid is about technique, balance and not giving in to fear. Funny, even with it's background noise and sound "issues" (I have a space heater going pointed at my feet) this one seems to be the one that gives people the biggest

Out of the 4 dozen posted, two videos I'm proud (okay, not deathly embarrassed by) include:
  • Studio 120: How to get from there to over here - Part 1 (ends abruptly) - getting your work out in the world, the difference between being an artist and a hobbiest, and a few other things that pop into my head. (Sorry the video just ends - the camera battery died without warning!).
  • Studio 120: Painter Beck Lane talks about avoiding predictability  - combating predictability, avoiding obvious measures and boredom as well as the story and intent behind "Un simple soldat" I and II. Shown in video" "Brother, sister", and "Un simple soldat" I and II. ( A shorter, less chatty vid on some of the same basic ideas:
Where "Un simple soldat II" stands today

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