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Monday, March 4, 2013

Entry 55: Exploration, ramifications and butt-stag-nation

When I was a child, being able to explore the family encyclopedia made me feel boundless. I wasn't allowed to touch the books (I don't know why really) so being able to sneak off with a volume or two made me feel like I was on a transformative adventure. I'd spend hours reading about "exotic" cultures and times from our very old, just past WWII edition of the World Encyclopedia. Even though the entire set was obviously written from a very limited Judeo Christian point of view, the books provided me transformative adventure. And, although I still have that lovely encyclopedia set, I'm finding the same transformative sense of adventure on the web.

I'm starting to understand how and why people can plunk themselves down in front of their computers and just get totally lost: some of us are mining - we're searching for other people, other worlds. Thru different sites I've begun to realize there are millions of people just as passionate about information and exploration and learning as I am only we don't have to sneak off with out dated books or hole ourselves up in a library corner to learn anymore - we can connect to each other and share real time info.

However, there is a downside to all this mining: I keep getting sucked down information and social worm holes. I love being able to follow links and threads and photos and posts and people, people, people. There's always something interesting to see and explore thru other people's experiences. I am absolutely in love with being a part of limitless exchange - being able to spend time online interacting with people but all this sitting is making me a little nutty and is taking an already big, squishy behind and turning it into massive, bottom cushion.

So, with that I think it's time to push away from the computer and start the 1 to 2 hour bus ride/walk to my studio and get to work before I get sucked down the worm hole today. The point of all this time online is to help me learn, promote and reach what the writer Coehlo called my "legend", my goal(s)..... not to make myself even bigger so off we go - time to hit the road.
The look of either determination or lost in a worm hole confusion...not sure which.


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