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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Entry 65: Wow - it's been a year already

Almost one year ago I had my first solos show in NY - "Living in a Culture of Disregard".
Still can't believe I did it and how much time has actually passed.
Photo taken last week in March 2012.
Wow, feels like it yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time.

A blog post after the show was up:

Quote from the blog post that reflected the tone of the show and something I can only timidly express: "I am. I AM. I am and I will have your acknowledgement and respect."

Two of my favorite paintings from the show:

"When I close my eyes I can see him"
 - oil on acrylic and aerosol on 24" x 36" canvas.
Available thru Eden Fine Art, NYC.

Stay out of the pool"
 - oil on acrylic and aerosol with oil crayon, chalk and pencil on 48" x 48" canvas.
Available thru Eden Fine Art, NYC.
And a year later.....
- we're on -
Madison Ave.

Pic taken by my friend Angelian O'Brien when she was in New York for a visit.
So cool.

 And a really long video of some of the work completed over the year (it was my attempt at making a video slideshow on Youtube...haahahaah - whoopsy!)
To see some of the work currently hanging in

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