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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Entry 60: Ugh, blurg....poop

"When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes." - Paul Coelho

So, after spending 7 hours in front of the computer doing online work (posts, updates, uploading videos, reorganizing Youtube and this blog, communicating with people and posting some more) I walked Bugsy and then got to take a 2 hour bus trip/hike to my studio ('s approx. 7 miles away).

By the time I arrived and got myself settled, I ended up with about 2 hours of studio time. But in that two hours, I was able to celebrate my success and hard work with my 5 millionth bowl of Ramen noodles and then went on to paint.....however, my attempts at painting resulted in taking apart several days worth of work and two embarrassing messes.

Behold one of my astonishing failures today:

Funny, I never manage to see what an incredibly bad job I've done till I get home and post it online. Only kidding, Helen Keller coulda seen the work I need to invest in this one.

Granted, I just started this one and it will fix itself but still......who wants to walk away from a portrait of a woman that looks like the birth product of Larry from the Three Stooges? And, right now, her pup looks terrified - but really.... who can blame him.

No, I was not trying to channel Larry. It just kind of happened.
Regardless, this tragic mess is in much better shape than 8ft long "We don't know what we mean to each other" - the painting kind of resembles a Cecilia Gimenez restoration project at the moment.

However, during the hour and half ride home I went from deeply angry with myself and frustrated beyond belief that I couldn't just stay and do the work, to underwhelmed by my progress to feeling pretty fortunate bc I realized: I know how this will turn out - the paintings will right themselves. The paint, the paintings and that magic thing in my head will work together to fix the situation - they usually do..

And just like Paul Coelho said in my new favorite book "the Alchemist" -“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." Well, I really want these two paintings to work out an not be and embarrassing mess after Monday if that's alright with you universe. Please help me achieve.

Ramen Noodle recipe tip: After cooking noodles add seasoning (chicken is my favorite) and black pepper. Let mixture boil down till noodles are a sticky mass stuck to bottom of pan, place in bowl, add a small spoonful of mayonaise. Mayo is the lazy man's cream sauce. Only add vegetables if you're feeling chef-y.

Sing it Bob -

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