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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Entry 53: My favorite mantra: economy of paint

It's not always easy to stick to my favorite painting mantra "economy of paint" especially when I get frustrated but, at this point in the fairly large, unstretched canvas I have hanging in my studio, it is essential that I keep my head clear and try not to over work the piece to early. I have a long way to go before the painting is done but if I start slathering on paint now bc things aren't quite right I'll lose the whole project.

So, I'm relying on my favorite painting tool to get me thru: rags. I apply color, wipe down, apply, wipe down again. The trick is to apply as little as possible and then give myself room to fix and rework without drowning th canvas in layers of paint that will end up muddying the end work and confusing me along the way so I have to say it over and over again:
economy of paint, economy of paint.
The start

The painitng as of last night - it's incredibly tempting to focus on one or two problem issues and correct them by applying more paint but that's only going to end up bringing the project to a stagnating, frustrating end. So, at this point, I brush on only what I need to make impressions and notes and then wipe it down....over and over again till the painting, as a whole is even and feels "right".

This little one is the most frustrating figure in the painting but with each correction I've made sure to remove a layer so she doesn't end up being the heavy handed focal point. I need to ensure the entire painting works as one piece, evenly. It's hard not to put all my energy into getting her right though....blech.

To see a couple videos that explain the situation a little more fully visit Studio 120, my painting series, on Youtube. Two vids that address this exact stage include:

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