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Friday, March 8, 2013

Entry 58: Which way to we go today?

Well, it's snowing again. Apparently we're going to be knee deep in snow and cold and all the problems winter weather brings with it....again. So, the question is do I stay home and avoid the cold and concentrate on my online work or do I start the hour to 2 hour bus trip to my studio and keep working on the two large canvas I have underway? 
The online work is important - I have networking accounts to tend to, people to communicate with, photos of work to post and circulate.....
BUT if I don't put in my time at the studio that means I won't have pics of work to post and that I haven't done my best to produce work this week......
However, if I go to the studio that means I haven't done my best to push my work online and build an audience for my work this week. 
Both are important investments that keep me marching towards my goal(s). Both are time consuming, both are exhausting, both make me feel uncomfortable (for different reasons), both the work in studio and my online work are challenging's just that one is a lot warmer and drier than the other.
So I guess I better get dressed and get going.
But then again it's really snowing out and I haven't been Tweeting or spending as much time on Tumblr and Facebook as much as I should.
But tomorrow there is limited heat at the studio tomorrow (Saturday), with none on Sunday.
But I have a number of video slide shows to make for my Youtube channel.
But then again,  how lucky am I because...
 this is what awaits me when I get there:  


Either way, this is what happens when you set your goals, put all your time and energy into reaching your goals...... and if/when the Gods and Life are on your side -
Ugh...what to should see me work a menu - it's an all day event.
 even when I get in the studio I have decisions to make.
However, once I make a decision, any decision, and get going on a project I am as solid and as full of direction as a bullet train:
New video on Youtube -
Studio 120: Changing my mind again, again
 Video content: it's okay to change your mind again, again and again; choosing reference and ideas rooted in passionate feeling, and some basics I use to lay out a painting.
...speaking of which, maybe I better reorganize and number the videos on Youtube before I make any decisions....
Then there's the photos on Goggle+ that have to be labeled...and Picasa..and....
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