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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Entry 59: Every morning I give thanks

Every morning I have a routine that I stick to like Rainman - I get up, make some coffee and get to work going over my online posts, updates and stats. Because my job right now, in addition to painting, is to build an online audience it's a something I take very seriously and put before anything else I may want to do. 
Like paint.
Or shower.  
But never, ever, EVER before I make a sauce pan full of cowboy coffee.
 Since January, I've been relentlessly working Facebook and this blog to build an online presence. As soon as I had a good enough base built, I expanded to making videos and posting them on Youtube, then I joined Twitter and Tumblr, Pinterest, Picassa and, have consequently had my pics and videos streamed thru Google and Google +. I've thought about joining other sites and expanding but I already spend about 8 hours a day tending the sites, links, and profiles I have. That's 8 hours spent doing nothing but sitting on my bottom and working online before I take the (1 to 2 hr) long trip to my studio to do that one thing makes my soul sing: paint.
As the online audience grows I am both proud and gratified with the results but I want to say: thank you. I am EXTREMELY grateful to people who are visiting my sites and pages. Watching the views, shares, likes, comments, follows and Tweets grow in numbers gives me the courage to keep moving forward every single day.
Every morning, as I drink my coffee and start my online work (while grumbling because I just want to be painting) I think how incredibly lucky I am to have people showing any interest in my work at all.
So, I say this from the bottom of my heart -
thank you.
"Picnic table" - oil on acrylic and aerosol on 48: x 60" canvas.
Hanging at Eden Fine Art, NYC

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10:30 am -
P.S. This pic was JUST sent from my friend and one of my favorite painters - Cassandra Complex, who's visiting NYC and stopped  by Eden for a look see!

Thanks Cass - you can visit Cassandra complex on Facebook:

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