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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entry 30: 2 pieces currently hanging at Eden Fine Art, NYC

2 paintings available thru Eden Fine Art, NYC:

Detail of  "ABC, 123" - oil on acrylic and aersol with oil crayon on canvas. The reference for "ABC" is based on an early, black and white 20th century photo and is part of  a large collection of antiqe photographs I've been collecting most of my life. Working from black and white reference material frees my mind up to build layers on top of layers in my paintings using a variety of colors and textures - the lack of color in my reference allows me to paint instinctually instead of painting like I'm taking dictation.

Detail from the upper right hand corner of "ABC, 123".

"ABC, 123: photo taken in studio before being packed up and shipped to Eden.
Textures are worked in using dolies and various other articles throoughout every painting.
This corner shows a number of textures and designs as well as the layers of aerosol, acrylic and oil paints worked together to build an atmospheric painting.

Detail of "Picnic table" - oil on acrylic and aerosol with oil crayon on 48" x 60" canvas. Woven into the lower half of the painting is text that reads: This is who wer are, this is what we know. Laughing at the picnic table". Like most of my work, the whole painting is meant to evoke the feeling of a memory of a photograph but the text is like an adult child's journal entry.

Photo of "Picnic table" taken in studio. "Picnic table" is based on a black and white photo of a friend and her brother. The textures and designs that run throught the painting are fairly dense giving the painting a complex feeling when seen in person.

"Toy hobby horse" and "Picnic
A stack of paintings getting ready to be shipped to Eden.

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