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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Entry 27: New video on Studio 120: Showing, how to show and making steps to be seen

In the Youtube video series I've started, Studio 120, my mission has been to share info that I wish someone had shared with me years ago. Way back when, and often times now, I wish I'd had a professional artist to kind of take my hand and show my how to get out of my head and into the world... so that's what I'm doing here ....... but without having to touch or actually talk to anyone.

In "Showing, how to show and making steps to be seen" I'm answering a couple of questions I asked an artist friend of mine a number of years ago and now I find myself being asked those same questions almost everyday. Because I've put myself thru the paces of getting in galleries and shows I understand how duanting it can be. How do you know where to start and who do you ask? Well, you don't know till you know so subjects like this will be an ongoing discussion.

"Showing, how to show" blah blah isn't an A-Z, how to make the journey easy breezey video - it's more a "you can do it if you put your heart and mind to it and here's how I did it" kind of deal. I think that's the thing we have to learn - you can do it (you can do almost anything) if you put your heart and mind into it but you're going to have to do it on your own and rely on your own Moxie for support. I can point the way, other artists can point the way, we can give you hints and suggestions but eventually you will have to decide if your going to push forward with all your might and take the path or hang back, sit under a tree and wait for someone to carry you.

I'm pretty proud of this video - really wish someone had sat me down and said this to me years ago -

Uh oh, it's half past time to decide!

For tons more info that'll help you become a professional artist (as opposed to a hobbiest sitting around waiting for the muse to hit and someone to discover you) get your hands on a copy of:
How to surviveand prosper as and artist: selling yourself without selling your soul by Carroll Michels - it is the artist's Bible. Like anything in life, it won't give you an easy point A to point B guaranteed out come but Michels' book provides enough info to give a you sturdy springboard to dive off of.

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