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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Entry 24: New video on Studio 120: When it's best to throw in the towel Part 2 (not to be confused with Part 1)

New video posted to my Youtube channel series: "Studio 120":

Video: "When it's best to throw in the towel"
Part 2: 
Detail from potrait of Providnce based band the Silks.
Fixing and reworking Jonas' shirt from this over striped, convoluted mess....

To this....much better. So chill.

The shirt belongs to Jonas, as in Jonas Parmelee, bassist for the Silks
(I kept refering to him as Jamie in the videos...dummy)
To view Part 1 of "When it's best to throw in the towel" go to:
(Warning: some foul language... my apologies)

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