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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Entry 9: The construction of "6 beat swing"

To see a Youtube slideshow presentation of the constructionof "6 beat swing" visit:

Detail of  the finished "6 beat swing" painting. - oil on acrylic and aerosol on 48" x 60" canvas.
The beginning of "6 beat" - black rolled and brushed on, yellow and teal aerosol is used to block out the general layout of the figures. 
Black acrylic is used to sketch in the actual figures.
Really happy with the look and feel of this fella.

Often times I'll review my work in a mirror - it provides me with another way to see my work clearly and give it balance. Did not like the direction her face was taking but couldn't find a way to make it right - placed her in front of the mirror (put on Dave Matthews) and BINGO! it became clear....she looks like a creepy, dead woman.
Once the face was wiped down, reset, repainted (and she no longer looked like a creepy, dead person) the rest of the painting fell into place.
I was able to add pinwheels, confetti, rays of color, etc giving "6 beat" an explosive feel. It's meant to convey how wonderful dancing can feel - joyful, celebratory, intimate, fun!

Hopefully, I was able to convey the tension in a pose like this by highlighting the muscles in her leg and the grip of their hands.

"6 beat swing" is only one of at least a dozen pieces on view at Eden Fine Art galleries.

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