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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Entry 6: "lil Gingko" from begining to end

"lil Gingko" is a painting I'm incredibly proud of. She is exactly what I wanted her to be - fun, playful, intense, joyful without shame but bold without being smug. When  men contact me about her they say they want her, when women see her they say she is someone they want to know - those are the two exact reactions I was hoping to get - the next reaction I want is "I have to have her in the entry way of my home!"

Detail pic of "lil Gingko"

A little past just started - on top of rolled and brushed on black paint I've added aerosols.
Close up detail pic of aerosol cut out shapes and layered textures.
Sketching in her face, hair and head piece - she looks like a babushka right now.
...ooooooh, so rough....
Gaining definition with oils.

Further along but trying hard to keep "economy of paint" as my matra. Most of the time, a rag is my favorite painting tool - I paint, I wipe down, I paint, I wipe down. I believe in taking away, not just adding. Constantly adding to the canvas makes the image convoluted and thick then i lose all the lightness and texture and instead of being a joy painting bc all about trying to make it work - so painting rags are my favorite tool to have on hand.
Starting to work on finishing her robe - added dramatic mixtures of blacks and browns over reds and magenta.
The final product. It's hard to see here but I added extra teal to her "tattoo" to help balance it out with the rest of the painting.
I like her hands especially after I pulled her robe up a little higher on the arms. When the robe was down lower her hands felt disconnected from Gingko, the robe and her arms. Now the feel...right.
Love finishing up the 3" Fat Boy profiles with aerosol and a translucent glaze from Gamblin Paint Co. Pulls the whole painting together.
to see a Youtube video of the construction of "lil Gingko" go to:
Packaged up and heading to Eden Fine Art on Madison Avenue. Pretty exciting stuff!

Eden Fine Art, 560 Madison Ave. New York
Call :(212) 888-0177 for details.

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