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Friday, January 4, 2013

Entry 5: Jan. 04, 2013

This morning I'm getting a ride to the studio a little earlier than usual bc we're sending two paintings off to New York. I have to meet the gallery's art handler who's driving up this morning from NY to pick up the "pieces". It is so weird to be able to say that - 'my work is being picked up and brought to NY this morning'. Sounds so hard core..... it makes me tilt my head down and giggle quietly. A few months ago, a friend called while I was in the middle of "multi tasking".  When I called her back I explained myself by saying: "sorry I couldn't take your call - I was texting with NY and got a call from Israel".  No one says stuff like that. No one.

Or no one I  knew in my little circle anyway.

 NOTE: I want Tom Hollander to play me in the movie version of my adventures the last few years. He does sad to mindful rebound to devastation to head strong determination perfectly. Plus, I've alsways wanted to have curly hair and look scruffy.

To see 100s of pics of the work and more visit:

All packed up to go!

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