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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Entry 4: Construction of "Picnic table" or "this is who we are"

Detail from finished "Picnic table" or "this is who we are, this is what we know, laughing at the picnic table"
Started with swipes of black and then aerosol marking off the basic outline of the figures.

More aerosol and then applied black acrylic to give texture and harder structure.

Making things a bit more formal.

Reference photo is taped up on the right of the canvas - an old photo of my friend Carey Carevitch (from Gypsy Thread and her brother.

Adding color and text: "This is who were are, this is what we know, laughing at the picnic table"

 Hmmmm....thinking about this for a bit...

Adding texture and design to the canvas' edges and hoping to see the painting in a whole new direction.

Edges finished with stencil work and coated with a mixture of  Gamblin Paint Co's Neo Megilp and translucent earth red

Another edge and corner detail of "Picnic table"
Sitting on a corner waiting for the edge to dry.

The end result with "Toy Hobby Horse" waiting to be packed up and shipped to Eden Fine Art, Madison Avenue, New York

"Picnic table" -  oil on acrylic and aerosol on 48" x 60" canvas.
Available exclusively thru:
Eden Fine Art, 560 Madison Ave. New York
Call :(212) 888-0177 for details.

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