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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Entry 1: Off we go

So, I'm starting off 2013 with a new blog...again. I'm also starting 2013 with my to do list, a long list of goals - something I've been doing for the last.........10 or so years but it's only been in the last few that I've reached any amount of success in reaching my goals. The real game changer, for me, came two years ago - I was given a huge opportunity to change my life into whatever I wanted it to be and that's what I've been doing. Well, sort of.

I haven't gotten everything I want to magically go my way but with a tremendous amount of organization and planning I've been fairly successful in reaching the bigger goals - having a one man show (that turned into two solo shows) in New York (the primary goal for 2011) and then getting my work in A gallery somewhere in New York - that goal turned into a HUGE opportunity that could create a career in art that only few peole are able to experience. Now that I've got my foot in the door it's time to regroup, reorganize and, like Madonna in the 80's, make certain I use each and every opportunity to get to me a little closer to my next goal and the next goal and the next goal.

Here's a tiny list of goals for 2013:
  • Sell 10-15 paintings a month thru Eden Fine Art
  • Develop a New York and international following thru Eden
  • Using my paintings, create printed fabrics - work with designers to create a line of fabrics and clothing and accessories based on my work
  • Get a working vehicle!!!!!
  • Finally get myself in a place where life is financially stable and secure
  • Pay back old debits
  • MOVE TO NEW YORK (Ultimate goal: to have a decent sized live/work in the city by April)
  • Have at least one significant solo show in NYC
  • Get work introduced in Europe - France, England and Germany to start
  • Have my work mentioned or featured in the New Yorker (in a good way)
  • Be in a position where I can help others in a meaningful way
Because I'm lost without setting goals - there's more I could list now but everything is in the process of being broken down into tiny month to month, week to week, day to day sections. And everyday I have new goals to add to the primary week/month/year goal list(s). Some goals aren't so lofty - like today:
  • get to the studio, turn on the space heaters and watch my two paintings dry so they're ready for pick up later this week
  • Try to become warm enough to stay in the studio till the work is dry-er
  • If able warm enough, work on painting of the Silks, a canvas version of "Un Simple Soldat, and get further on the brother sister/bicycle painting
Sausage on a stick - it's COLD in here!!! Heat, please just a little heat!!!
Yeh, not so exciting but these little measures will (hopefully) get a few steps closer to other goals which will get me closer to other goals and so on. Thanks Madonna  you're a bit of a c wad but you showed everyone how to get it done. P.S. Stop shoing off your lower half - 30 years later it's inappropriate and gross.

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