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Friday, January 11, 2013

Entry 12: "Leap frog" - the finished project

"Leap frog" NEARLY fini - oil on acrylic and aerosol on 48" x 60" canvas
 Reference material for "Leap frog" -

There is a lot of detial in the work that can't be seen in the full photo

This section, and the 3 sections below, are my favorirte spots in the painting - a number of years ago someone told me "every inch of your paintings are a painting in themselves". That statement stuck with me so now I make sure to not just put in itty bitty details in my work but to make sure each brush stroke actually addes a quality of interest to every teeny, tiny, itty bitty portion of my work. I want to make sure the viewer can take a snap shot any where, in any section (whether the work is upside down, side ways or rigth side up) and they will find a contained, complete, balanced painting.

The upper section of "Leap frog" is full of pin wheels and sparks. The lower is full of puzzle pieces. The upper, hopefully expresses, the excitement in being the leaper - the lower is meant to express anticipation and what it is to be part of the game.

Finishing the edges this way is a new venture - makes the work feel larger and more alive. Plus, Im not a fan of frames - they tend to take the work from feeling dynamic, explosive, fresh and new to feeling contained and not nearly as genuine. I would love to be doing larger works with the edges this way - I would love to see how they feel in a big, big scale.

Video slideshow of the development and construction of "Leap frog" :


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