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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Entry 82: An art and artist based fundraiser for Boston

Was listening to NPR yesterday and got to hear a great interview with Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. He said two things about the deadly Boston Marathon bombings that have stuck in my mind. The first idea made me proud to have lived in Boston and have someone be able to articulate the attitude of that magnificent city so succinctly. The second made me laugh out loud because it is so very, very true:

1. ..."if the person or persons who put that bomb there think they were going to break this town by doing something like that, they have a profound misunderstanding about this city..."
 2. "We are a belligerent people. We love to argue. We love to fight. You know, we only care about three things in this town: sports, politics and revenge."

In the spirit of community and a deep need to do something -  my friend, artist and runner Joshua Cjg Robsinson, has set up a fundraising page for survivors of the blasts in Boston. He's invited several artists to donate work which will be on sale online - and although there are a lot of kinks still being worked out, artists are already stepping up to donate their work while Josh explores what organizations would be most appropriate for his venture to donate to.

Please take a look, like the page
and keep your eye on what develops over the next week:

As for me, I have a few things I'll be donating several things including a fresh painting which I'm going to start today - a new version of "I am": 
Like I said, the details are still being developed but contact Josh, thru the Facebook page with any questions - thanks!

To hear the entire interview with Kevin Cullen on NPR go to:


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