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Monday, April 1, 2013

Entry 71: Pip, "Marge and Pepe"

Like Pip in Great Expectations, I think I need a benefactor - more silent Arthur Lustig than a scheming Havisham would be nice. Someone who can help cover the costs of studio space and production in exchange for work (while leaving me alone ) bc, I have to say, struggling to stay afloat while pushing to produce work and be seen is getting really, really, REALLY old.
So, anyone who isn't a cobweb covered old person scheming to destroy the spirit of everyone around them is encouraged to apply for the position. Will consider psycho mobster types as long as you don't pop up out of water or scare me. Need a Lustig but without the "I will kill you" ovations.
I.E.: someone who can support me without fail but won't cause me to have nightmares's a lot to ask, I know, but I do come with a great work ethic, a few references, a strong desire to achieve, a really cute dog who likes to eat. Add: I don't take vacations or long walks on the beach....
...okay, so -
For reasons waaaay beyond my control - I haven't been to the studio in about two weeks but yesterday, Easter, I took the trip and spent the day working on "Marge and Pepe", a portrait (sort of) of a dog and a woman being done on unstretched, primed  canvas. "Marge and Pepe" isn't really about a woman and her dog but it's about loneliness and safety and our desire to build relationships where we can and when we can. 

As in most of my work, the under layers and "background" designs pop thru the primary images. For me, allowing the lines and colors to flow in and out the different images, provides a pop and the feeling of movement and energy to flow seamlessly. So, the background isn't really the background it is part of the portrait, image or idea.
Pepe against and with wallpaper and blouse design.

Correcting crease in the sleeve - after this was taken, that section was wiped down and started all over again. Instead of feeling like a blouse, it felt like an over worked convoluted mess.

Happier-ish with the base I've got to work with now -
just have to waiting for the paint to dry so I can rework the crease and make them crisper.


I think I need to extend the ring finger on her right hand (the hand holding Pep)and build more of a solid connection to the pinky...looks a little like her hand is on backwards...

Her face has a long way to go but she'll calm down soon. Been focusing on the placement, width and design of her eyes - she's gone from 50's, dime store novel, seductress, to being semi crossed eyed, relaxed, sporty young girl which better suits the character I want to represent.

 Fingers crossed, one of these days, I'm able to get a space and a partnership or work situation that is able to provide proper support for the work..... need something soonish because my spirit is wearing thin.

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