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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Entry 79: OPENING - Thursday April 18th

Thurs. April 18th,
My friend and fellow painter, Heather Adels, opens her solo show:
 "Castle in the Sky"
at the
Foster Gallery
51 Union Street Suite 208
Worcester, MA
Reception 6-8 pm

Being a selfish, self involved artist, I don't normally promote other people's work on my blog (....because it's really all about ME)
but my friend Heather Adel has a solo show opening this Thursday and I'm incredibly excited.

Not only is Heather someone I respect and appreciate as a person but she's also someone I respect as an artist - she's built her own unique, fluid universe with it's own unique colors. Her work is clean, light and masterfully constructed with patience. It's also wholly her own. None of her imagery feels like a derivative - it is all hers which, in my mind, is the highest compliment anyone can give and is the definition of a true artist.

"Corners of the earth" 36x36", acrylic on board, 2012

Wishing Heather all the success in the world!

Get directions via MapQuest:
Or call the Foster at: (774) 314-7278


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