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Friday, April 5, 2013

Entry 74:, altruism and ballsy balls.

What do you say when you have nothing nice or encouraging to say? Nothing about yourself ..... well, you talk about other people instead!

My blog has been about the ups and downs of being an artist from the inside but a friend sent me a link to an article I love - it's from a fantastic blog that covers the practical side(s) of art called by art consultant and writer Alan Bamberger, In the blog, Mr. Bamberger seems to cover every issue we don't learn about in art school: selling art, marketing yourself, etc. But Mr. Bamberger also offers professional art consulting services to both the artist and buyer as well such as: acting as an appraiser and advisor to potential buyers.

A basic service Mr. Bamberger has available to artist is a one hour "all purpose consult" - something we could use to get us on track, give us a clear vision of who we are and keep us there: "Topics covered include how to effectively organize and present your art, website review, your artist statement, writing about your art, pricing your art, options for selling your art, approaching galleries and other venues for possible shows, and more. Click here to learn more." Incredibly valuable stuff if you're going to venture into the big bad world.

Again, over the last three years, in my blog, I've been talking about balls to the wall efforts - pushing and pushing to get where you want to be. Mr. Bamberger approaches the same altruist topics in his blog BUT with practical business sense that could save a lot of people from participating in their own hellish downfall.

How do you combat the Sisyphus' in life? By rolling yourself up in bubble wrap and never leaving your house 
or practicing the advice available in Bamberger's blog.
To find out how to be the smarter you in the dog eat dog (and kittens and bears as well as you) art world visit: 
Alan Bamberger 's blog:

Add: Here are links to two of my favorite articles: "Art dealers from hell" parts 1 & 2. I really don't think there's any fool proof way to buffer yourself against shysters in life, especially when you're desperately trying to sell your work, (unless, of course, you just sit at home, stare at the wall and only show to your cats) but Blamberg has laid out some incredibly true scenarios that should help raise warning flags when you're talking with potentially bad art dealers.

And then there's the sincerely altruistic, ballsy crap I have to say on Youtube:  
Studio 120: #44 Bumpy roads -

Dude, we've all been there.....

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