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Friday, April 12, 2013

Entry 78: I see, you see, we all shop on Etsy

Painting has had to slow down for a bit but I was just reminded of an outlet I utilized last year during my one man shows in NYC and around New England. Haven't taken advantage of it at all so far this year....what a dummy - I blather on and on on this blog about making the most out of social networking sites and being seen online..... how could I possibly forget to use one very simple, inexpensive and far reaching outlet: Etsy.

Yes, Etsy seems to be a craft based site and I am a high falootin' mixed medium painter with work on Madison Avenue but, for artists as well as craftsman, Etsy is a great way to get your work out there and be seen by a whole new audience:

"and then my arms flew away" 

The original painting's full title is: "e poi le mie braccia volò via, la medicina tiene abbastanza a bada i miei mostri, e così le mie gambe caduto"
(Translation: "and then my arms flew away, the pretty medicine keeps my monsters at bay, and so my legs fell off") -

 oil on acrylic and aerosol with oil pastel, pencil and markers on 48" x 48" canvas.

Original "and then my arms flew away" 
 hanging at Eden Fine Art, NYC.
Print/poster $20 (plus tax and shipping) available on Etsy.

Currently, I have 14 prints available for purchase on Etsy-
the variety of signed and dated poster prints and (very) limited quantity, signed and numbered hand pulled silk screen prints will expand asap but fer now:

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