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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Entry 89: It pays to be a social butterfly

Although I do live in my own little universe (....okay, my head), I have been working on the social end of social media the last month or so. I've put a stop to promoting my work in an aggressively obnoxious, overt fashion and have been spending my time chatting with other people and fellow artists. I been/ we've been linking, interlink, friending, subscribing, posting and sharing with other artists on different media sites which has resulted in a major influx of traffic and people joining all of MY social sites in return. The flourishing results have been amazing and not what I expected-
Last count I had somewhere around 1,250 ppl following my adventures and babbling chats and tantrums thru Facebook, Youtube, the blog, Twitter, Tumrblr, Pinterest, Google + etc. Between Youtube and the blog I have almost 9,000 views as well as a number of new friends. That's pretty F-ing  incredible. Can't tell you how much better this is than sitting in my space, all alone staring at the wall.....
Thank you to everyone who's written, emailed, commented and shared. I am deeply flattered by your level of interest in my work. Thank you.
Bugsy says "thank you" too
"when dah momma happy, everybody happy-er"

That said a friend sent me a link to another blog that posted a Studio 120 video!
"Thoughts of creativity: Home is where the paint is"
by artist Tierza Nolan

"I'm gonna chill - you interact with mommy online...
I need a nap, she's totally worn me out."



  1. wow, Beck thank you!
    My heart is full right now.

  2. Dude, thank YOU! I really appreciate the public support and ALL your comments. Wow - you've posted on Youtube, here, Facebook....I still can't believe ppl are paying attention never mind THAT much attention!

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