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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Entry 90: Happy math

Youtube views + blog views  =
x flabbegasted! =
10,000 combined views ain't exactly Gangnam 
but that many views means the world to me especially considering my Youtube channel and blog were started under 5 months ago. Thanks for all the help, likes, shares and interest. And thanks especially to the 1,250 people who have joined my different online outlets.
What's my secret?
Sheer determination born out of overwhelming fear
(......mixed with no small amount of desperation).
If you're a little intimidated and wondering how to get yourself (or even why to get yourself) started online, here's two videos that cover my why's and hows.  If you've got any suggestions please feel free to comment or message me. I'm always open to new ideas.
Dude, really - if I can do it you can three...
Studio 120 - #14: DIY promotion, determination and stats
Studio 120 - #46: If I can do promotion, you can three  
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(Caught on camera emabarrassing)

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