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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Entry 92: Google blogger is a wonky mess this week

Sometimes, once in a while, things go swimmingly. Things run like a well oiled machine and I'm allowed to just get things done without running into problems. Haven't had a lot of days like that the past few months and this certainly isn't one of those days....again.
Even though I'm not able to get the studio and work as much as I was I still like to post pics and write a bit about the work. However, Blogger, Picassa and Google + (all one entity) haven't been working properly the past few days so I've been putting off blogging my work till the glitches are fixed but that doesn't appear to be happening any day soon. For some reason, I'm not able to post whole photos, reposition photos on the a page or edit without things going wonky. 
You know, if this were the worst thing that'd happened to me over the last few months (year,,,,,50 years) I might be upset but, believe me, things can be much worse than Blogger images not work correctly....much worse.
So, with a shrug of my shoulder and a big "eh, whateveh" -
Part of the painting as allowed by Google Blogger right now.

1/2 her face...

1/2 her face upside down...

A corner of the painting and painting table...
Add caption

1/2 a detail of her torso and robe...

Just  a bad hair week for Google, Paul and me.....

I know how to make this work!
upload pic to Picassa, turn upside down or side ways,
crop out black areas, rotate back, save and WHALLAH! 

Not defeated yet Google -
 not even by your Googley glitches!!!


Okay, you almost got me Google but not quite. Not yet anyway.
Sing it Paul:


  1. Where did this song come from? What movie? WOW! Awesome. Love your paintings, too!! And your attitude is great. Will be back soon.

  2. "Duets" - if you click on 'Youtube' you can straight to the link.
    Thanks so much for your positive comments - I feel like weenie most of the time so positive comments help me to know I am actually hitting the vein I meant to! Thank you!!!