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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Entry 96: Squatter pants, pants on fire

Please don't tell anyone but I've been squatting in a mill - sort of.
Okay, maybe not really squatting...not in the traditional sense. I mean - I stay overnight in my studio once a week...even though it's not allowed...tee hee hee. 
I guess calling it squatting may be a bit of an exaggeration. I do have a lease, the building is occupied, the lights work and there is running water so it's not really a "rock out/me against the world/I'm an artist living on the edge" kind of thing. But I am sleeping on an old, uncomfortable futon and heating coffee on my hot plate.
So, maybe it's more like camping.
In a very large room...with a roof and electricity. Not as wild or dangerous as squatting but I am staying overnight (with Bugsy) so I can spend more time painting and less time trying to get to my studio. Residual, old futon related aches and pains aside, I love waking up and being able to work early in the day, napping at 3 and painting again till it's time to hop a ride home.
Squatting in my mill or not - I love being in a space where I can work.
And here's the results of my time this weekend:
Finishing up "Vudu Sister" on the right, "Melanie" started on the left.

The beginning of "Melanie"

Sketching in "Melanie"

The two paintings at their two different stages, side by side.

Her arm has been shifted up, down, side to side - like all my paintings, Melanie will go thru a lot of changes and readjustments before I allow her to settle into herself.

Her face is just blocked out - general ideas, basic shapes and colors. She's looking a little too wide eyed to be taken seriously right now but it's a good base to work from.

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